Sub Regional Trainings

A Sub Regional Training (SRT) is an international meeting supported by the IFMSA, where members and motivated students from a (sub)region or sometimes even further away can meet and participate in trainings, workshops and small working groups. It can also be recognized as an IFMSA Activity.

SRTs and other IFMSA Activities are organized by an Organizing Committee (OC) within a National Member Organization (NMO) that volunteers to find board and lodging, to coordinate the trainings, Small Working Groups (SWGs) and workshops and to organize a social program for all the participants. The main objective of the program is to improve the work of IFMSA in the region.


- Motivate participants and make them feel part of the IFMSA;

- Share experiences, projects, and problem solving techniques;

- Deliver trainings in different topics;

- Work together to solve problems that officers might encounter through SWGs;

- Find out ways of collaboration with the rest of the NMOs in the region;

- Provide the members with further information about the IFMSA and the participating NMOs;

- Have lots of fun!

There are several examples of SRTs that have been organized so far, which include but are not limited by:

- International Peer Education Trainings (IPET/Advanced IPET)

- Training New Trainers, Training Old Trainers, Training Experienced Trainers (TNT/TOT/TET)

- Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT)

- Training Medical Education Trainers (TMET)

- Northern/Southern European Cooperation for Sex Education (NECSE/SECSE)

- Global Health and/or Public Health Training

- And many many more!


SRTs and other activities were created to provide members that did not have the opportunity to attend an IFMSA General Assembly or Regional Meeting (for example due to limited delegation spots, funding or leave of absence with another opportunity to join the capacity building opportunities that are offered there). They also enable countries within a specific part of the region that may encounter the same challenges to work together.